Photo by Eric Stephen Jacobs

Photo by Eric Stephen Jacobs

Kati Neiheisel

Kati is a MAC Award-nominated singer whose voice has been described as “Rosemary Clooney meets Karen Carpenter.”



BroadwayWorld says, “Honey-voiced Kati… put the story first, and that’s an elegant way to do cabaret.”

Kati Neiheisel is a singer who lives in New York City. Originally from Cincinnati, her influences include Karen Carpenter, Rosemary Clooney, and Doris Day. In 2018, Kati was a Manhattan Association of Cabarets (MAC) Award Nominee for Best NY Debut Female. Nitelife Exchange said, “I was happily lost in the stars and give this up-and-coming singing star-in-training an enthusiastic recommendation.”

Although most of Kati’s career had been in the philanthropic sector, she longed to connect to others through song. When her younger brother Albert,¬†who has Down syndrome, celebrated his 40th birthday by singing in public with complete joy and abandon, he inspired Kati to sing.

Kati was introduced to cabaret through Helen Baldassare’s Cabaret Performance Workshop, where she met her musical director, Gregory Toroian. Kati also studied with Marilyn Maye, and with the late musical director Barry Levitt. Her early supporters and mentors include Sue Matsuki, Deb Berman, and Susan Winter.

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